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”Exhibition Report@Shape of exhibitions of electronics category is reported quickly.

We are releasing CD-ROMs of manufacturing process series (FPD and TFT).

Innovation Japan 2018
New technologies of manufacturing process were proposed one after another

JPCA Show 2018
New movement in the direct exposure system attracts someone's attention

OP‚dN HOUSE 2018
NHK Appealed Atmospheric Stability of Inverted Structure Type OLED

”Conference Report@Shape of conference and lecture meeting is reported quickly by digest base.

The 79th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2018
Control technologies of Vth in oxide-TFT and organic-TFT were cranked-up

New Technology Presentation Meetings of AIST

New plasma processes tehnologies appeared on the scene

Technical Report of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers-Information Display-
New technologies of flexible oxide-TFTs with polyimide substrate were reported

New Technology Presentation Meetings of Waseda University
Disconnection in wire electrode is automatically repaired by a unique technology


”TEL Announces the Launch of an Inkjet Printing System for OLED Production
”TEL Announces the Launch of a Dry Etch System for Manufacturing G10.5 FPD
”TEL Announcing the Completion of the New Development Building
”Tokuyama Establishment of Research Laboratory in Taiwan
”Canon releases exposure equipment that achieves 2.0 ƒŹm resolution and supports one-shot exposure of 65-inch displays
”Mitsubishi Chemical to Absorb Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry
”JDI developed a dynamic pricing solution, utilizing AI technology
”U.S. Patent Granted to Mitsubishi Chemical, NIMS, Nichia, and Citizen Electronics for LEDs Using Nitride-type Red Phosphor
”TEL Announces Acquisition of Plant Site in Taiwa-cho, Miyagi Prefecture
”DENSO Invests 30 Billion Yen in OLED Display Developer JOLED.

”EVENT Schedule in Japan
October 16 (Tue)-19 (Fri), 2018 CEATEC JAPAN 2018 Makuhari Messe CEATEC JAPAN Executive Board
December 5(Wed.)-7(Fri.), 2018 28th FINETECH JAPAN Makuhari Messe
Reed Exhibitions Japan
December 12 (Wed. )-14 (Fri.), 2018 SEMICON Japan Tokyo Big Sight SEMI

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