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”Exhibition Report@Shape of exhibitions of electronics category is reported quickly.

JPCA Show 2017
New plating processes were introduced for flexible device use

27th FINETECH JAPAN/8th FilmTech Japan
Infrastructures for flexible OLED were already on the table


”Conference Report@Shape of conference and lecture meeting is reported quickly by digest base.

The 64th Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Spring Meeting 2017
Enhancement reports of bias stress stability in IGZO-TFT were easy to notice

Smart Technology New Technology Presentation Meetings!
GTO oxide-TFT has more potential compared to that of IGZO-TFT


”Mitsubishi Materials develop and commence the mass production of a new silver alloy sputtering target for OLED
”Japan Display Announces Mass Production of FULL ACTIVE LCD
”JDI Announces Development of a 10.2-inch Pixel EyesTM LCD Module with Peripheral Touch Controls for Automotive Applications
”JDI changes the scheduled dates for the acquisition of shares of JOLED
”Konica Minolta and Pioneer Establishes Joint Venture Company for OLED Lighting Business
”AUO Unveils Ultra High Resolution, Slim and Narrow Border LTPS-LCDs for Exciting Smart Mobile Life
”Electroplating Engineers of Japan Develops Innovative Direct Patterning Plating Technology that Opens the Potential of New-Generation Electronics
”SCREEN Establishes New Company and Takes Over Business Operations for Assembly Processing Equipment Used in Display Manufacturing
”Idemitsu Kosan Establishment of a Local Subsidiary Related to the OLED Business in China
”Japan Display and NHK Media Technology Collaborative Research and Development of a Light Field Display based on 8K LCD and 3D Imaging
”JOLED developed 4K OLED by use of printing technology for RGB emitting layer

”EVENT Schedule in Japan
September 5(Tue)-8(Fri), 2017 The 78th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2017 Fukuoka Convention Center JSAP
October 3(Tue)-6(Fri), 2017 CEATEC JAPAN 2016 Makuhari Messe
CEATEC JAPAN Executive Board

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