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”Exhibition Report@Shape of exhibitions of electronics category is reported quickly.

Original CD-ROMs 2020 edition (Device Manufacturing Process) have been released at May, 2020.
nano tech 2021/Advanced Printing Technology Exhibition 2021/neo functional material 2021
The non-electrolytic plating method merges as manufacturing process of FPC for 5G

Materials for flexible display gain popular

 Manufacturing process of organic-TFT

”Conference Report@Shape of conference and lecture meeting is reported quickly by digest base.

The 81th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2020
Proposes of new manufacturing process became active for flexible TFT

The 67th JSAP Spring Meeting 2020
Transfer processes for a plastic substrate were proposed one after another


”Showa Denko's Subsidiary Establishes a Branch in Xi'an, China and Starts to Sell and Distribute High-purity Gases for Electronics
”Kaneka develops super heat-resistant PI film for 5G millimeter wave zones
”Canon releases FPD lithography equipment that achieves 1.2ƒŹm resolution and supports exposure of small-and mid-size displays
”DNP develops film that corrects blue tint of OLED when viewed from an angle
”SCREEN Launches Coater/Developer for Forming Process of CF for Rollable and Foldable OLED
”Showa Denko Establishes a Joint Corporation in Sichuan, China to Manufacture High-purity Gas for Electronics
”SCREEN Develops High-spec Direct Imaging System for PCBs
”Tohoku Pioneer Agrees to Supply OLED to PolyPhotonix for its Sleep Mask Treating Diabetic Retinopathy
”Nippon Shokubai and NHK developed a new technology for contributing to higher functionality of OLED

”EVENT Schedule in Japan
January 20 (Wed) - 22 (Fri), 2021 NEPCON JAPAN 2021/35th ELECTROTEST JAPAN/22nd IC & Sensor Packaging Technology EXPO/22nd ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS & MATERIALS EXPO/PWB EXPO?22nd Printed Wiring Boards Expo/11th FINE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY EXPO/13th LED & Laser Diode Technology EXPO Tokyo Big Sight Reed Exhibitions Japan
March 3 (Wed) - 5 (Fri), 2021 PV EXPO 2021-14th Int'l Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo Tokyo Big Sight Reed Exhibitions Japan
March 16 (Tue.) - 19 (Fri.) The 68th JSAP Spring Meeting 2021 Online (Zoom method) JSAP
May 26 (Wed.)- 28 (Fri.), 2021 The Total Solution Exhibition for Electronic Equipment 2021 Aomi Exhibition Hall, Tokyo Big Sight Japan Electronics Packaging and Circuits Association (JPCA)

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