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”Exhibition Report@Shape of exhibitions of electronics category is reported quickly.

Original CD-ROMs 2020 edition (Device Manufacturing Process) have been released at May, 2021.
SEMICON Japan 2021
Materials such as stretchable paste for flexible device were remarkable

Printing undertaking enterprise and transparent polyimide film were easy to notice

The Total Solution Exhibition for Electronic Equipment 2021
New proposals for flexible device are cranked-up

 Manufacturing process of organic-TFT

”Conference Report@Shape of conference and lecture meeting is reported quickly by digest base.

Yamagata University New Technology Presentation Meeting
Functional materials are selectively deposited on the electrode by laser coating method in liquid

The 82th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2021
New technologies about OLED and perevskite solar cell were remarkable

Iwate University New Technology Presentation Meeting
Plated pattern is formed without resist and etching by the i-SB method


”Shin-Etsu Chemical develops innovative new materials for wearable devices
”Sumitomo Chemical Reorganizes Research Laboratories in Osaka, Tsukuba, and Chiba
”Dexerials releases pre-cut ACF for mounting of camera modules and other components
”Ube Industries to Expand Production Facilities for Polyimide Film
”TEL releases plasma etch systems for manufacturing 8G FPD
”Toray Developed MicroLED Display Materials
”TAIYO YUDEN constructs a new factory at TAIYO YUDEN (CHANGZHOU)
”Toray Develops Transparent and Heat-Resistant Film for 5G Communications
”Ricoh releases industrial IP head with thin-film piezo head
”DNP Develops Lead Frame for Miniaturized, Highly Reliable Semiconductor Package QFN
”Nikon rleases new FPD Exposure system for small and medium-size panel
”JOLED installed a large tiled OLED at the Nomi Furusato Museum
”Iwatani stablished the Helium Center in Thailand
”Showa Denko Materials to Launch Mass Production of an Advanced Functional Laminate Material for PCB
”JSR to Establish a New Subsidiary for Semiconductor Materials Business in Singapore
”Tokyo Electron Completes Construction of the Miyagi Technology Innovation Center

”EVENT Schedule in Japan
Jan.19 (Wed.) - 21 (Fri.), 2022 36th NEPCON JAPAN Tokyo Big Sight Reed Exhibition Japan
Jan. 26 (Wed.) - 28 (Fri.), 2022
Digital:Nov. 26 (Fri.), 2021 - Feb. 28 (Mon.), 2022
nano tech 2022-The 21st International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference Tokyo Big Sight nano tech Executive Committee
March 22(Tue.)-26(Sat.), 2022 The 69th JSAP Spring Meeting 2022 Sagamihara Campus, Aoyama Gakuin University & Online JSAP

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