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”Exhibition Report@Shape of exhibitions of electronics category is reported quickly.

NEPCON JAPAN 2017-46th/Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo
Demo of screen-printing becomes to be active

Presence of display decreases greatly by influence of IoT boom
Sharp exhibits some original IGZO-TFT-LCD

”Conference Report@Shape of conference and lecture meeting is reported quickly by digest base.

Shizuoka University New Technology Presentation Meetings
Ag film is patterned directly by irradiation of laser beam.

The 77th Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Autumn Meeting 2016
Stability of oxide-TFTs and new manufacturing process of transparent electrode are easy to notice.

The 63rd Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Spring Meeting 2016
Wettable HIL material for OLED is attention-getting because of advantageous lifetime.


”Mitsubishi Electric to Expand Lineup of Tough Series TFT-LCD Modules
”Japan Display Announces Development of High-Transmittance Color Transparent Display
”Ube Industries Licenses Future Ink to Begin Providing Samples of N-Type Organic Semiconductor for Printed Organic Integrated Circuits
”Sharp dissolves joint venture company of CF maker for TFT-LCD
”Sumitomo Metal Mining Agreement with Jih Lin Technology on Sale of Lead Frame Business Companies
”Konica Minolta and Pioneer Establish a Joint Venture for OLED Lighting
”Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer dissolve business alliance of OLED lighting
”Hitachi Chemical raises a price of copper clad laminates, prepreg, and shield plate
”TI releases 0.33-inch full-HD DLP Pico chipset for 1080p display
”Japan Display developed flexible 5.5-inch full-HD TFT-LCD by adopting plastic substrate
”Japan Display starts to mass-produce an advanced 5-inch LTPS-TFT-LCD with wide quad-HD
”Shirai Electronics Industrial builds a new factory of PCB in Yasu City
”Idemitsu Kosan establishes an OLED materials development company in Switzerland
”Japan Display commences mass production of LTPS-TFT-LCD at Hakusan Plant
”NBC Meshtec develops a mesh-cloth for fine screen-printing using Toray's original yarn
”Tosoh develops a new conductive polymer material
”Sharp transferred some of its shares in Sakai Display Products to SIO International Holdings
”Hitachi Chemical releases a quantum-dot film, which is enabled LCD to wide color gamut

”EVENT Schedule in Japan
March 14(Tue)-17(Fri), 2017 The 64th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2017 PACIFICO Yokohama JSAP
April 5(Wed)-7(Fri), 2017 27th FINETECH JAPAN TOKYO BIG SIGHT Reed Exhibitions Japan

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