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¡Exhibition Report@Shape of exhibitions of electronics category is reported quickly.

Original CD-ROMs 2020 edition (Device Manufacturing Process) have been released at May, 2020.

nano tech 2020/Advanced Printing Technology Exhibition 2020/neo functional material 2020/JFex2020
New faces announced to go into the material market for flexible device

34th INTERNEPCON JAPAN/34th ELECTROTEST JAPAN/21st IC & Sensor Packaging Technology EXPO/21st ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS & MATERIALS EXPO/21st Printed Wiring Boards Expo/10th FINE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY EXPO/12th LED & Laser Diode Technology EXPO

Shin-Etsu Chemical appealed manufacturing process of micro-LED and its material solutions

¡Conference Report@Shape of conference and lecture meeting is reported quickly by digest base.

The 81th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2020
Proposes of new manufacturing process became active for flexible TFT

The 67th JSAP Spring Meeting 2020
Transfer processes for a plastic substrate were proposed one after another


¡Nippon Shokubai and NHK developed a new technology for contributing to higher functionality of OLED
¡NAGASE entered into a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement with Nanosys, a developer and manufacturer of Quantum Dots
¡Daicel makes Polyplastics wholly owned subsidiary
¡Mitsubishi Chemical invests aveni, which is a leading provider of metallization technologies for advanced damascene and 3D devices
¡JOLED and Toyota Tsusho Opens gJOLED Demonstration Room Shinagawah
¡SDK Develops Wet-Resistant Heat-Conductive Aluminum Nitride Filler
¡Hitachi Chemical changes company's name
¡JOLED Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Samsung Electronics et al.
¡SMM and Tohoku University begun initiatives aimed at 2050 based on a Vision Co-Creation Partnership
¡Mitsubishi Chemical to Expand Sales of Antireflective Film for Picture Frames
¡CEATEC 2020 will be held by a fully online event
¡Mitsui Kinzoku Begins Mass Production of an Extremely-Thin Electrodeposited Cu Foil with Carrier for 5G and IoT Devices
¡DENSO and Tokyo Tech Establish DENSO Mobility Collaborative Research Cluster
¡JDI transfers of fixed assets at the Hakusan plant
¡Toyobo practicalizes power-generating material for OPV with world's top-level conversion efficiency under room light
¡Sharp Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Regarding LCDs against CHOT
¡The Japan Society of Applied Physics cancells the 67th JSAP Spring Meeting 2020
¡JDI exhibits at 28th 3D & Virtual Reality Expo
¡Murata Manufacturing Completion Ceremony for New Production Facility of Murata Electronics (Malaysia)
¡Shin-Etsu Chemical started marketing newly developed materials for MicroLED
¡Sumitomo Corporation Invests in Elementum 3D

¡EVENT Schedule in Japan
September 8 (Wed.) - 11 (Fri.) The 81st JSAP Autumn Meeting 2020 Online virtual meeting (Physical meeting will be held, when the situation improves.) JSAP
October 20 (Tue) - 23 (Fri), 2020 CEATEC 2020 ONLINE ONLINE The CEATEC Executive Board
Dec.2 (Wed.) - 4 (Fri.), 2020 FINETECH JAPAN 2020 Makuhari Messe Reed Exhibitions Japan

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