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Manufacturing process of LTPS-TFT-LCD 2022 edition

Explain LTPS (Low temperature poly-Si) TFT-LCD Manufacturing process by illustration

Full-cover from basic process to next generation process

Explain TFT structure, and process flow of TFT array, CF array, LC cell, and module assemble.

Cover process flow of circuit area in addition to that of pixel area

Describe these illustrations at 3D image

Cover TFT structure of LDD, GOLDD, Dual Gate, and CLDD

Easy to look at the file using any PC because of the format of browser, for example IE (Internet Explorer)

Possible to access at will from Index Page to detail page

Number of total file are 56 (about 120 page in A4 form equivalent)

Illustrations of device structure and process flow are approximately 270.


¡Structure of LTPS-TFT-LCD
‡@Single drain structure (SD)
‡ADual Gate structure
‡BLDD (Lightly Doped Drain) structure
‡CGOLDD (Gate Overlapped LDD) structure
‡DCLDD (Compound LDD) structure

¡Crystallization process

¡TFT array process
‡@Single drain structure (SD)
‡ALDD (Lightly Doped Drain) structure
‡BGOLDD (Gate Overlapped LDD) structure
Forming process of poly-Si
Forming process of TFT area (PEP1)
Batch forming process of S/D in TFT area and N-channel (PEP1)
High concentration P doping process (PEP2)
Forming process of gate electrode and capacitor electrode (PEP3)
P-TFT High concentration N doping process (PEP4)
Forming process of contact hole (PEP5)
Forming process of data line (PEP6)
Hydrotreatment, form passivation and planarization layer (PEP7)
Manufacturing process of pixel electrode (PEP8)
P-TFT ion doping process
N-TFT ion doping process

¡CF (Color filter) forming process
Manufacturing process of CF for IPS mode/FFS mode TFT-LCD
Manufacturing process of CF for VA mode TFT-LCD
Manufacturing process of CF for TN/OCB mode TFT-LCD
Black matrix forming process
Manufacturing process of R, G, B color layer
Manufacturing process of overcoat layer
Deposition process of opposite electrode
Manufacturing process of post-spacer
Manufacturing process of rib (bump)
Photo-alignment process (for MVA mode TFT-LCD)

¡LC cell process
Polyimid coating process
Alignment process
Seal layer forming process
Dispersion process of spacer-ball
Making panel thinner process
Scribe and break process
Filling process of LC material
ODF (One drop fill) process

¡Module assemble process
Connect panel and driver-IC

¡Liquid crystal material and display mechanism

¡Structure of backlight module

¡3D technology
Method to use a specific glasses
LC shutter glasses method (Time sequential method)
Polarized glasses { patterned phase difference film (Space division method)

Specific glasses-free method
Parallax barrier method
Parallax barrier using dual emission OLED
Time sequential driving { parallax LC barrier method
Lenticular lens method
Time sequential twin-lens 3D-OCB method
Lenticular { time sequential scanning backlight method

Detail of material and system is explained

£TFT structure

£Crystallization process

£Half-tone process

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