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The Total Solution Exhibition for Electronic Equipment 2022 (June 15-17)

The Total Solution Exhibition for Electronic Equipment 2022
Demonstration of materials for MICRO/MINI-LED became active

Picture 1. Printed samples of Nano size Ag ink

June 15-17, The Total Solution Exhibition for Electronic Equipment 2022 was held in Tokyo Big Sight. Main topics of display category are picked up.

As concerns Nano size metal ink, Daicel appealed an original Nano size Ag grain ink "Picosil" in a big way. Its diameter is approximate 20 nm. Various models were prepared for ink-jet printing, spray printing, dispense printing, and screen printing. Sintering condition is 120 ~ 30min. After sintering, polycrystal film with a few m grain is obtained. Specific resistance is 3 - 5ʃcm. If sintering temperature is increased to 150 , lowest resistance is gained.

In the booth, as picture 1, transparent heater, curved sample, and MINI-LED module with this Ag wiring were exhibited. It's verified to be able to use Picosil wide applications. By the way, its price is 1.5 - 2 times than that of the conventional Ag ink with m size grain.

TAIYO INK proposed photosensitive black material for BM of Micro-LED

Picture 2. BM pattern (L&S=10m/10m)
On the other hand, TAIYO INK introduced a photosensitive black material for MICRO/MINI-LED. It's useful for black matrix (BM). OD value is 1.1. It's possible to coat this material by various coating methods, and also, develop a general TMAH developer. As a result, fine pattern such as L&S = 10m/10m.

High barrier property is formed by R2R method

With respect to OLED, Yamagata University exhibited presence in this year, too. Main topic was originally developed manufacturing process for Roll to Roll (R2R) method, Concretely, SiOx barrier film and IZO transparent conductive film were deposited on PEN film continuously by plasma CVD method and sputtering method respectively. The next, an etching resist ink was printed, and then, transparent conductive film was patterned by wet-etching treatment. In short, gas barrier film and transparent electrode could be patterned continuously by R2R system. Permeability of water vapor is 10-6g/m2/da (WVTR). In short, high gas barrier is obtained same as that of the glass substrate device.

Teikoku Printing Inks Mfg proposed unique LED screen

Picture 4. Flexible LED screen

Picture 3. Various OLED samples
Teikoku Printing Inks Mfg exhibited an original LED screen firstly. It's composed of Red and blue LED lightings, smoke filter, and 2 transparent ink layers. In transparent ink layer, specific wavelength only such as 650 nm or 80 - 420nm is transmitted. As a result, red or blue or both colors can be displayed on the front screen. In the booth, as picture 4, a large LED screen was exhibited. By the way, the company supplies transparent inks and smoke filter ink.

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