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CEATEC 2019 (October 15-18)

CEATEC 2019 Kyocera disclosed micro-LED firstly

October 15-18, CEATEC 2019 was held in Makuhari Messe. In this here, topics of display relations are picked up.

Picture.1 1.8-inch micro LED (Kyocera)
First of all, as concerns display module, Kyocera exhibited a micro-LED firstly within the country. In this module, RGB-LED chips (a few dozen m size) were mounted on low temperature poly-Si TFT substrate. And also, it's encapsulated by a cover glass or plastic film. Compared to conventional TFT-LCD and OLED, brightness, contrast ratio, and lifetime are superior.

In the booth, 1.8-inch 256 ~ 256 dot panel was disclosed as a prototype. Its resolution is 200 ppi. For this reason, it's not useful for mobile applications, such as smartphone, but suitable for large applications, for example, outdoor digital signage, automotive system, and so on. As regards specification, brightness, contrast ratio, and view angle were 3,000 cd/m2, million, and 178respectively.

By the way, way to mount LED chips was not disclosed. Therefore, it is not sure whether or not sufficient competitive force equips.

Floating display on air was easy to notice because of mystery

Picture.2 Floating display on air
In this picture, color image seems to be displayed on the rear system but seems to be displayed on air in fact.

Figure.1 Display mechanism of floating display on air (Toppan Printing)

With respect to display system, Toppan Printing exhibited a floating display on air. As its name, it's possible to display color image on air (space). Figure 1 shows system structure and display mechanism.

There were a few problems, such as low brightness, and occurrence of ghost image, in the past conventional system inclusive of TFT-LCD and micro mirror array (DCRA). By contrast, it's possible to solve these problems in this system. In exhibited 5-inch prototype, brightness was 2,000 cd/m2, and high quality was obtained for letter and icon. It's effective for traffic systems, virtual monitor for medical system as applications.

Local dimming BL is advantageous in automotive system

Picture.3 12.8-inch TFT-LCD module with local dimming BL (EVERLIGHT)
As concerns display component, EVERLIGHT (Taiwan) appealed a local dimming back-light (BL), and exhibited 12.8-inch TFT-LCD module with this BL unit for automotive system as picture 3. In this unit, white LEDs (20 ~ 16 o) were arranged in 4.7 o pitch. Mega contrast ratio, high brightness (1000 cd/m2), and wide color reproducibility (NTSC ratioF100 %) were obtained.

Flexible OLED was encapsulated by a soft film

As regards infrastructure for OLED, Zeon Corporation demonstrated a full-flexible OLED, which was developed by collaboration with Yamagata University. In exhibited 50 ~ 200 o device, it's possible to not only bend, but also twist. In this demonstration, image quality was not degraded.

Picture.4 Full flexible OLED (Zeon)
In this device, a cyclic olefin polymer (COP) gZEONEXhis used as both substrates. OLED device was encapsulated by a soft ZEONOR film. In short, it's a full-solid encapsulation device. It's possible to stretch by 5 times and absorb vapor by function of soft ZEONOR film. Thickness of device is mere 0.25 o, and curvature radius is Ra = 20 o.

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