Product roadmap of 2017

Stella Corporation runs a booth at NEPCON JAPAN 2017-46th Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Technology Expo (TOKYO BIG SIGHT), which is held in January 18 - 20, 2017. The editor has interviewed Nobuo Otake (President) about product roadmap of 2017 inclusive of demonstration content of the exhibitions.

QFPlease tell me the product roadmap of 2017 H

A:There are 4 products in the product roadmap of 2017. First of all, measuring & AOI system gST seriesh have been enhancedGas a result, AOI speed has succeeded to reduce greatly. In the past, line-scanning method using line sensor CCD camera was adopted in this systemGhowever, in this time, high speed area scanning CCD camera (2440 ~ 1400 pixel) has developed newly. By making use of this new CCD camera and new inspection algorithm, AOI speed has greatly reduced.

QFConcretely H

AFIn the case of 800 ~ 600 o size substrate, AOI speed is 120 min at 0.5 m resolution, 30 min at 1 m resolution, and 10 min at 2 m resolution inclusive of transforming time. First target is for photo-mask use. Therefore, this specification is sufficient for this application.

QFWhat's 2nd product H

AFA new laser head will be used in the laser repair system gRepair Visionh. Semiconductor laser (wavelength 420 nm or 532 nm) is adopted, and also, laser beam is irradiated by way of fiberGas a result, laser head has succeeded to be shrunk. Minimum aperture diameter is 1 m. It's possible to remove short defect same as minimum 1 m size. By the way, in the past, minimum defect size was 2 m. Main target of this system is for photo-mask use, too.

QFWhat's 3rd product H

AFUltra-low cost edition measuring AOI system will be released as low-cost version of measuring AOI system gLST seriesh. Target is small size device, R & D use, mass-production of low resolution devices, and etc. In this system, positioning accuracy was ensured to be 1 m by use of self-manufacturing motion controller and Al frame stage. This compact system is operated by the tablet PC.

QFHow much is this system H

AFIn the case of 100 ~ 100 o size, price is 2.5 million yen and over. This system seems to influence to the measuring and AOI system market greatly.

QFWhat's 4th product H

AFWhile Stella's original next generation etching process simulation function gEtching Process Simulatorh is optionally loaded into the measuring & AOI system gLST seriesh , process treatment speed has been greatly reduced.

In effective etching treatment using this system, first of all, a real substrate is wet-etched by making use of the CAD data (Gerber data). And then, calibration value is simulated by comparison of its etching result and the original CAD data. Customer wet-etches the substrate correspond to this feed-back result. As a result, etching treatment is optimized.

However, in the past, scanning time in output of fact etching result was necessary to be for several times. To solve this problem, we have developed a global shutter type area CCD camera newly. By making use of synchronized scanning method using self-manufacturing motion controller, scanning speed of 400 ~ 500 o area is enhanced to 10 min at 2 m resolution.

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